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    Tom Perry

    I'm having the same issue. We also cannot find the settings anywhere. Any help you get please do share!


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    Christine Chandler

    I need to get into settings to change the date and time.  I cannot find how to do it.  Can anyone help me with something this simple?  Please.


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    We are having the same issue here but have altetered the permissions and still having the same issue (keeps quitting the Browser) and same message.

    On the parent app; find ‘restrictions’ then ‘app management’. Brings up a list of all the apps and enables you toalter permissions.

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    monqi support

    Hello all, 

    We disable access to all settings and select the most relevant ones. This is to secure the platform. Just contact monqi support (open a ticket on the front page of our support page) and we will enable Settings on your child's phone. 

    We will shortly be releasing an update to the parent app where you can enable settings on the child's phone remotely. 

    Thank you. 

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